Obsurvey is an online tool for conducting your own online surveys, with your own questions.

The idea is that you:

  1. Create you own survey right here on this website, using the Obsurvey tool.
  2. When you have created your survey, you are given a link to a webpage (a URL). You can send this link in an email, to the people you want to answer your survey. Or you can embed the survey directly in at post on your blog or a page on your website.
  3. The people you have sent the link to, click the link and answer your survey, or your visitors take the survey directly on your blog or website if you have embedded it.
  4. When the people have answered your survey, you come back to this website and see an automatically generated report of what was answered.

I hope you will enjoy using Obsurvey. Try it out and let me know.

Vision: A survey in 5 minutes

We want you to have an incredibly easy time using Obsurvey. You should only have to spend 5 minutes creating an average survey.

For that reason we continually test Obsurvey and continually improve the already unique user experience of Obsurvey for the better.Every single feature we add to Obsurvey, we try to implement in the best possible way. We spend a lot of time on each thing. So you will not find a list of features that’s a mile long. Instead you’ll find a Short list. But each item on the list is implemented in a unique way, with a lot of attention to detail and extreme amounts of thought and innovation. All to make sure you will find it extremely easy and fast to use and powerful enough to get the job done.We listen to you. If you send me an email, we always respond.

Obsurvey can handle thousands of answers

We’ve built Obsurvey to handle quite a lot of survey responses. You can safely collect thousands of responses. Just promise not to sue us if anything goes wrong. If you plan to use it for tens or hundreds of thousands of answers, please drop us an email at [email protected] first.

Help us betatest or develop

If you would like to contribute to the development of Obsurvey, either by betatesting stuff before it’s releases. Or by writing code for Obsurvey. Please send us an email.


We would really like any feedback you may have on what you think of Obsurvey, so we can improve it. Send me a message either in the feedback forum or by email.



788 Finchley Road
London NW11 7TJ
United Kingdom
+44 1422 400204

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Getting Technical

I’ve written an article about undo functionality in web applications entitled Where did undo go?.
Obsurvey uses my Structured Active Rich Document (SARD) principles, that you can see in action when editing a survey’s questions.
We have developed our own JavaScript framework we call Usability in the Application (UIA), for developing AJAX web applications. web applications. Basically the whole application consists of one single large javascript and some serverside webservices.
Wikipedia on AJAX


There are continually improvements of Obsurvey in minor releases, but here are some of the bigger milestones for the project

Jan 2014: Major improvements, 2.0 release including:
– Custom image/logo upload for your surveys
– Custom thank-you page URLs
– Email notifications
– Invite responders to fill your survey through email
– Questions extraction, randomization
Mar 2013: Download survey in printable format (PDF).
Feb 2013: Obsurvey became a paid service.
May 2011: Number, Email, Website and Telephone number question types.
Feb 2011: Themes for surveys. Password protection of surveys. Edit profile
Oct 2010: Required questions.
Sep 2010: Download PDF reports.
Sep 2010: Branching in survey. Only show question when something specific has been answered to a previous question.
Aug 2010: Sharing of live reports.
Feb 2010: Instant report filtering and filtering of individual answers.
Jan 2010: View individual responses
August 2009: Embed survey, arrow key navigation released
May 2009: Single line text questions, “other please specify” option, and insert link released
April 2009: CSV-export released
October 2008: Undo functionality released
June 2008: Upload of images ready
March 2008: Obsurvey online in beta
March 2007: Obsurvey online in pre-beta
2002 – 2007: Development of Ajax framework called UIA


Obsurvey uses some icons found at IconFinder, FatCow.