What Is A Survey?

A survey is a data collection tool used to gather information from individuals. Surveys can be carried out through printed questionnaires, telephone polls, by mail, in person, or on the web. A survey is a very simple tool for market research, evaluations, customer/employee satisfaction, event planning and many more uses. Examples of an online questionnaire • Customer Service Survey, User Experience Survey, Product Development Survey • Customer Retention Survey, Service Satisfaction Survey • 360 Degree Employee Feedback Survey, Management Performance Survey A questionnaire is an effective, simple and above all cheap tool for acquiring precious information straight from desired respondents. Types of Survey Data Collection Surveys can be executed a number of ways. Some examples of the methods in which you can carry out a survey are: • Mail • Telephone • Online • At home/office interview • Focus groups Why Online Surveys are the BEST type of survey Data[…]

5 Top Reasons Surveys Are Important For Event Planning

Planning an event can be a daunting task. But with online surveys you can get some much needed assistance. You can gather research data, venue preferences, contact collection and invitation, event feedback, collect payments and even post event sales evaluations. Being able to access your event before, during and afterwards, you can get a wealth of data to evaluate the success of your event and highlight areas of improvement for your next event. 5 top reasons why surveys are important for event planning: 1. Pre-event planning 2. Venue decisions 3. During event polls 4. Post-event evaluation/feedback 5. Post-event sales   With Obsurvey, you can get free professional event planning survey templates so you can start your evaluations without delay.

5 Top Reasons Surveys Are Important For Schools

There are many ways in which schools can benefit from surveys. Be it faculty and student assessments, bullying investigations, parent/teacher relationship evaluations or course performance. Surveys are a hugely effective tool which schools can leverage to gauge the overall evaluation of an institution and its components. 5 top reasons why surveys are important for schools: 1. Measure student achievement 2. Assess family/school relationships 3. Access school climate – diversity, support, motivation, respectfulness, bullying 4. Faculty satisfaction 5. Curriculum planning, special trips, school performances   With Obsurvey, you can get free professional academic/education survey templates so you can start your evaluations without delay.

5 Top Reasons Surveys Are Important For Market Research

The main purpose of market research is to know what your customers want in order to retain them and gather new customers. To do this, you need facts from consumers to gather the data that will allow you to stay ahead in the market. Using surveys to collect this information can give valuable insights into areas such as target markets, product feedback, customer responsiveness and loyalty, understanding buying habits and brand awareness (to name just a few). 5 top reasons why surveys are important for market research: 1. Update product offerings or pricing options. 2. Gain insights into customer demographics 3. Measure customer awareness, usage and satisfaction over time 4. Branding, positioning, and naming testing 5. Increase traffic, boost conversions, and grow sales   With Obsurvey, you can get free professional market research survey templates so you can start your evaluations without delay.

5 Top Reasons Surveys Are Important For The Workplace

Ask any human resource employee and they will tell you that running surveys to discover areas of improvement in your business and evaluating your workforce can result in increased levels of productivity, loyalty and enthusiasm. Which means a happier workforce, pleasant working environment, greater productivity and, ultimately, bigger profits. 5 top reasons why surveys are important for a workforce: 1. Improve employee satisfaction 2. Boost employee productivity 3. Address employee benefits concerns and satisfaction 4. Make training sessions, meetings and orientations more effective 5. Retain quality employees   With Obsurvey, you can get free professional employee and business survey templates so you can start your evaluations without delay.

Using Custom Audience To Choose Business Name – In Under 10 Hours!

As one of our Obsurvey Labs projects we are launching a link shortening service. This helps people by taking a long link and shortening it into an easier to remember link. It also allows you to track how many times the link has been clicked, from which countries etc. Some advanced features include making the link available to the first 100 clickers only, setting an expiry date, password protecting it etc. Pretty cool project, right? Choosing an easy to remember, catchy domain name is crucial to the success of the tool. We had some ideas on the best candidates but we needed to get them validated. Was what we thought to be the “best” name what the majority thought it to be? (Hint: NO!) Step 1: We setup a quick one page survey, it looked as follows: Step 2: We used Obsurvey Custom Audiences to gather answers fast. Time was[…]

The Science of Psycho-Cybernetics & Surveys

If you are like a lot of people, you might have seen the words “psycho-cybernetics” and thought…”err, what?!” But, don’t worry! It sounds technical, but is actually a lot easier to understand that you might think. Plus, it is a hugely powerful, relatively new tool that you can apply to your surveys. In a nutshell, psycho-cybernetics is a principle based around substituting negative thinking with encouraging and strengthening thoughts to build confidence. So, what does this principle mean for your surveys? Psycho-cybernetics could be thought of as poetry. Imagine that you want to enhance your ideas by painting a picture with words. You want to make these words not only speak to the listener but, to also reach ALL the senses. The outcome you achieve by implementing psycho-cybernetics is not just experienced in a visual aspect. The sounds, smells, and feelings are all important senses involved in psycho-cybernetics. When we[…]

8 Reasons Why Every Man Deserves More Money

(The same applies to businesses, schools, non for profits) I just read a great article on Entrepreneur.com and I wanted to share a personal take on it. The truth is, money IS important, the intent behind it is what needs to be questioned in society today… I work with people who are interested in being successful in their businesses, their causes, their lives. I make a conscious choice (and go to great lengths) to surround myself with such people. Just like in soccer where the number of times the ball is thrown into the net determines the unquestionable outcome of the game, in business the number of dollars in the bank is the indisputable, objective and universal measure of success. The same applies to non for profits. The larger the dollar amount the more resources the organization can spend on its good cause. It’s not long before someone says, “money[…]

Parliamo Italiano?

The Easter excesses did not deter us from launching a new version of the site so we’re excited to say that as of yesterday you can talk to us in Italian! To better serve our Italian clients, we now also have Italian customer support agents on staff. Whilst the survey creation interface itself isn’t translated yet, it supports Italian surveys and comes with a number of survey templates in Italian. Plus our support team is on call to clarify any doubts about the interface (or others) in Italian. Couple of other minor points that might interest you: – New country question type. We added a new question type you can use in surveys. It’s a country dropdown, so if you want to ask “Which country do you come from?” for example, the respondent can just choose the country from the pre-populated dropdown menu instead of typing the country name manually.[…]

Making Sense Of Open Ended Question Analysis

As daunting a prospect as they are, open ended survey questions are most likely to provide you with the most feedback. It allows the respondent to provide potentially unexpected answers that you had not addressed in your closed questions. Nevertheless, open ended survey questions are harder to analyze than closed questions, so you need to be ready and willing to take the time to properly and fully evaluate these answers. But how do you fully evaluate open ended questions? To make things a little clearer and easier, take a look at the step by step guide below to get the most out of your unique answers? Step 1) Read your responses Reading your answers may sound obvious, but it is a vital step. If you have a lot of answers it can be tempting to scan over the responses and just look for keywords, but if you do this you[…]