20 Types of Marketing Surveys (part 2)

The main reasons behind market research is understanding customers, companies, and the competition. Understanding and investigating these factors are at the heart of market research and marketing surveys.

All three factors are interlinked with marketing research as companies need to understand and react to their customers’ needs. And (what companies can offer, and are expected to offer, to customers are often dictated to or at least influenced by the competition.

Which means that before starting any marketing research project, you should identify the customer, company and competition.

Here are the second 10 of 20 types of marketing research surveys that we have put together to help you decipher what type of survey you need to carry out.

11 – Competitive Product and Market Survey

Discover what the market perception of our product or company is in relation to your competition

12 – Brand Surveys

Find out how your brand is perceived within the market place (i.e. brand awareness, brand quality, brand associations and brand loyalty).

13 – Advertising Analysis Surveys

Work out the benefits and principles related to an advertisement.

14 – Advertising Effectiveness Surveys

Calculate the effectiveness of your advertising to encouraging the viewer towards a desired goal (purchasing desires, product understanding, increased awareness etc)

15 – Sales Employees Effectiveness Surveys

Investigating sales performance and effectiveness towards reaching a desired result or goal (i.e. running a 360 degree survey for evaluating the sales person).

16 – Sales Lead Generation Surveys

Tracking of sales leads and working out where improvements could be made to generate more leads or increase the number of relevant leads.

17 – Customer Service Surveys

Examine the customer service that was received by a client and investigate the process and methods used.

18 – Customer Service Agent Surveys

Find out the attitudes, opinions and length of service of your customer service agents with the intention to lower costs and improve customer services for clients.

19 – Sales Forecasting And Market Tracking Surveys:

Forecast potential and likely market movements and consumer trends and preferences to predict future sales targets and market analysis.

20 – Price Setting And Demand Analysis:

Estimate optimal price product or service prices and which items or offers are in highest demand.

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