5 Simple “Hacks” for More Effective, Faster Survey Answers (pt 2)

In the first hack we analyzed how asking EXTREME questions will get you better, faster results. Without further redo let’s gain straight into Hack #2…

Hack #2: Give yourself room to succeed FAST

I guess another way of wording this is that in most cases your first survey won’t be a smash-hit (but if you follow these 5 Hacks your 2nd or 3rd one most likely will be).

Here are a couple of issues that you’re likely to encounter in your first survey and how to avoid them:

1. This one is simple and easy to fix – mistakes. Plain mistakes like questions being in the wrong order, biased questions, mis-configured question logic, questions missing or too many questions, etc

Solution: Ask someone (preferably someone who knows nothing about the subject matter and has not being involved with the survey process) to complete the survey. Sit next to them (or if that’s not possible have them on the phone) as they do this and ask them to speak out loud any questions, comments or thoughts that go through their head as they complete this.

2. Find out what works with your audience. This is more subtle. Different audiences will give more or less information according to how, where, when the questions are asked.

Solution: Test 2-4 survey styles, structures, layouts, times on samples of your audience then determine the winner based on the following criteria (the list is not exhaustive):

A. Response rate (highest % of respondents who complete the questionnaire)
B. Significance of responses (which questionnaire is providing the most statistically significant results)
C. Qualitative factors, if applicable. If you are asking open-ended questions, which survey is providing better insights.

To succeed FAST, your need to fail fast. By running 2-4 dry-run survey tests on audience samples you’ll fast-track to the most productive survey setup and get the answers you need faster.

To be continued…

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