5 Simple “Hacks” for More Effective, Faster Survey Answers

The temptation to cover all aspects of the problem by asking over a dozen questions in your initial survey is really strong, specially if you are thirsty for data and want to do things right (who doesn’t right?).

But how can you make sure you:

a) Get only relevant data
b) Don’t get TOO much data you’re lost in the minutiae of the details
c) End up with so many variations you don’t have any statistically significant data
d) Don’t bore your audience to death the end up not finishing the complete survey?

Hack #1: Unless you have millions of respondents, only test variables that SCREAM

This way you will reduce the number of questions (there are typically a lot fewer variables that scream than all possible minor variations) and at the same time you make it easier for your audience to give you their opinion.

Why? The more extreme the issue being raised:

a) The more likely people will have a strong, significant opinion on it
b) The more “intuitive” it will be for people to express their opinion

Therefore not only you end up with more data (respondents) but also the more “extreme” the data will be, yielding more statistically significant results, faster.

To be continued…

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