8 Reasons Why Every Man Deserves More Money

(The same applies to businesses, schools, non for profits)

I just read a great article on Entrepreneur.com and I wanted to share a
personal take on it.

The truth is, money IS important, the intent behind it is what needs to
be questioned in society today…

I work with people who are interested in being successful in their
businesses, their causes, their lives. I make a conscious choice (and go
to great lengths) to surround myself with such people.

Just like in soccer where the number of times the ball is thrown into
the net determines the unquestionable outcome of the game, in business
the number of dollars in the bank is the indisputable, objective and
universal measure of success. The same applies to non for profits. The
larger the dollar amount the more resources the organization can spend
on its good cause.

It’s not long before someone says, “money isn’t everything,” or “money
won’t make you happy.” The answer is always the same, “I agree with you,
more money isn’t everything, and while it doesn’t guarantee happiness,
it won’t make me unhappy either. I am still interested in getting more.”

The idea of wanting “more money” is a bad thing only with those who
don’t have enough of it. Here are some reasons why “more money” is a
must for you, your family and your business:

1. The alternative sucks! The opposite of more money is not having
enough money, or worse, being broke. I have first-hand experience with
each case. Operating without enough money makes things a lot more
difficult at best and impossible at worst. You need more money!

2. You’ll out-live your money. The old saying “life is short” may apply
to some things, but when it comes to money, life is too long for most.
People are more likely to outlive their money. Retirement and healthcare
are the two single biggest money concerns. Nobody wants to be a drain on
anyone else. As life expectancies extend and healthcare costs rise, your
“more money” financial requirements must also extend.

3. Inflation is a thief. The cost of food, gas, education, insurance,
housing and running a business are increasing. Inflation is an invisible
thief and is called the “hidden tax” because you don’t see it in the
money you earn but the money you spend. Earning “more money” combats

4. Prove the naysayers wrong. One of the driving forces in my life has
been proving the naysayers wrong. Yes I admit, it’s a bit immature, but
there is nothing better than the sense of accomplishment in the face of
those that counted you out.

5. No shortage of money. Machines make money and there is no shortage of
how much those machines can make. To think that you can’t get your share
is ridiculous when you consider that there are approximately $41 trillion
dollars in global circulation. And the amount of money actually
increases every day with inflation. There is a greater shortage of
people going for “more money” than there is money. Sounds like a
simplification but your entire mindset about money changes when you
realize there was no shortage except for the one in your mind.

6. Someone else will get it. Somebody is going to end up with your
‘more’ if you don’t make a claim to it. Why should it not be you? People
complain about not having money but most people are not staking a claim
to what is theirs. Money circulates from person to person and it wants
to be active!

7. Money is freedom! I don’t go to work to work and I don’t go to make
money. I go to work each day with the purpose to create freedom for my
family and myself. Most wealthy people enjoy the freedom money provides
them. Freedom provides you with the ability to try new things, make new
investments and have more choices.

8. You deserve more money. When you understand that you deserve money as
much as anyone else and that “more money” will not turn you into some
evil, greedy person, you will start earning more money. Your will start
attracting more money. Commit to getting rid of all limiting beliefs and
ideas that may be blocking you from having what you deserve, “more

Edited from G. Cardone, http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/233375

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