Parliamo Italiano?

The Easter excesses did not deter us
from launching a new version of the site
so we’re excited to say that as of
yesterday you can talk to us in Italian!

To better serve our Italian clients, we
now also have Italian customer support
agents on staff. Whilst the survey
creation interface itself isn’t
translated yet, it supports Italian
surveys and comes with a number of
survey templates in Italian. Plus our
support team is on call to clarify any
doubts about the interface (or others)
in Italian.

Couple of other minor points that might
interest you:

– New country question type. We added a
new question type you can use in
surveys. It’s a country dropdown, so if
you want to ask “Which country do you
come from?” for example, the respondent
can just choose the country from the
pre-populated dropdown menu instead of
typing the country name manually.

– New affiliate program. On request from
quite a few people we launched an
affiliate program where you can earn a
referral commission for introducing
clients. More details here or
email [email protected]

– New language. We’re getting ready to
roll out the next language, there are a
few in the pipeline so if you have any
preferences for priority just reply to
this email!

Until next time,

========== Quote Of The Day ==========
The Dalai Lama, when asked what
surprised him most about humanity,
answered “Man. Because he sacrifices his
health to make money. Then he sacrifices
money to recuperate his health. And then
he is so anxious about the future that
he does not enjoy the present; the
result being that he does not live in
the present or the future; he lives as
if he is never going to die, and then
dies having never really lived.”

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