Social Media – A Significant Online Survey Tool

Social media networks are an incredible survey tool that makes it possible for you to connect to people who share interests, behaviors and activities across political, economic, and geographic borders. In turn, these social media outlets can provide you with a huge pool of potential survey respondents.

72% of all internet users are now active on social media and on Facebook alone you are looking at over 1.2 billion users as of 2014.

There are many ways that you can take advantage of social media to promote and distribute your survey. The 3 main benefits of this are:

1. Cheap, or even free, to distribute your survey
2. Access to people worldwide who are already interested in your business, institution or ideals.
3. Direct contact to your consumers, interested parties and also other businesses

Furthermore, you can also utilize social media to build an effective online personality, which will increase your chance of survey responses as you will gain trust, familiarity and status due to your extended exposure to your audience population.

A huge benefit of using social media as a survey tool are the virtual communities that are generated by them. You can ask your audience to re-tweet your survey links or share your survey with the people in their own contact groups. This means that you can share your survey beyond your own scope of contacts. These virtual communities act like a web and can amplify spread of survey and grow your survey sample size virally through social media.

You can even make use of hash tags to search for individuals who are interested in the topic you’re researching, which will help you to target your audience somewhat in a relatively generalized audience pool.

Social media really can be seen as an incredibly valuable survey tool to distribute to a wide, almost limitless, number of people via the internet by using your custom URL link or adding social sharing links at the end of your online survey.

If you are looking to distribute your survey and don’t take advantage of social media as a survey tool, you are potentially missing out on a wealth of interesting, relevant and significant responses.