Surveys and Psycho-Cybernetics

You might wonder how the two are related…

Briefly put, psycho-cybernetics is a principle based around substituting negative thinking with encouraging and strengthening thoughts to build confidence.

To sum up psycho-cybernetics in one sentence: “HOW you think makes ALL the difference.”

So how is this related to getting feedback within your business or research?

A core principle of psycho-cybernetics is painting the exact picture of your desired outcome, not just visually but also sounds, smells and feelings. When getting feedback for our business or performing research, the ideal outcome can be summarized as follows:

1. The respondent takes all the time needed to provide well thought and in depth answers to the questions

2. The respondent answers each question in full and truthfully

3. The respondent in not biased by any external factors

There are of course many more factors that contribute to the success of client feedback or research. Those are only the main ones relating to the respondent.

So when designing your questionnaire picture the exact movie script of the respondent answering the survey – including:

1. His location and context: home, office, etc
2. His degree or knowledge of the subject matter
3. Does he have any stake in completing the survey?
2. His mindset including age, sex, cultural background, etc

Only once you have in your mind the exact script of the respondent answering your survey you can go ahead and design the survey questionnaire.

This way you’ll ensure that your structure and design match your desired outcome – accurate feedback and research data.

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