You Want To Avoid These Survey Pitfalls, Don’t You?

Here are some examples of troublesome survey questions that could affect the reliability and accuracy of your results…and how to avoid them. Leading Questions Leading survey questions influence the way in which respondents answer your questions.¬†You don’t want to lead your respondents to answering questions a certain way based on the wording or structure of them. Example: You like Obsurvey’s new and improved logo, don’t you? Better phrasing: Do you like Obsurvey’s new logo? Loaded Questions Loaded questions suggest a socially desirable answer or can be emotionally charged. This type of survey questions can push respondents towards a specific answer choice. You need to avoid this and make sure that your questions allow any answer given to be considered equally acceptable by the respondent. Example: Is it terrible for parents to smack their children? Better phrasing: Should parents be allowed to smack their children? Assumptions Do not ask questions that[…]