Using Custom Audience To Choose Business Name – In Under 10 Hours!

As one of our Obsurvey Labs projects we are launching a link shortening service. This helps people by taking a long link and shortening it into an easier to remember link. It also allows you to track how many times the link has been clicked, from which countries etc. Some advanced features include making the link available to the first 100 clickers only, setting an expiry date, password protecting it etc.

Pretty cool project, right? Choosing an easy to remember, catchy domain name is crucial to the success of the tool.

We had some ideas on the best candidates but we needed to get them validated. Was what we thought to be the “best” name what the majority thought it to be? (Hint: NO!)

Step 1: We setup a quick one page survey, it looked as follows:

Step 2: We used Obsurvey Custom Audiences to gather answers fast. Time was of the essence because the launch deadline was hours away.

We received the first answer on May 1st at 11.26AM

And decided we had enough data on May 2nd at 8.29AM less than 10 hours after collection started!

Summary and conclusions:

– We created a short survey asking respondents to choose their preferred domain/product name

– We also asked them to write a couple of words explaining why they chose such a name. This would force respondents to think about the answer

– Finally we asked them to describe in 5 words or less what a link shortening service is. This would ensure that respondents fully understood the question

– In less than 10 hours we received 210 survey responses and chose the winning name

…Got a burning question you want to ask but don’t have anyone to ask it to?
…Got a business idea, concept or logo you want to test before taking it to the market or to investors?
…Got plenty of questions but not enough people to ask them to?

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