What Is A Survey?

A survey is a data collection tool used to gather information from individuals. Surveys can be carried out through printed questionnaires, telephone polls, by mail, in person, or on the web.

A survey is a very simple tool for market research, evaluations, customer/employee satisfaction, event planning and many more uses.

Examples of an online questionnaire
• Customer Service Survey, User Experience Survey, Product Development Survey
• Customer Retention Survey, Service Satisfaction Survey
• 360 Degree Employee Feedback Survey, Management Performance Survey

A questionnaire is an effective, simple and above all cheap tool for acquiring precious information straight from desired respondents.

Types of Survey Data Collection

Surveys can be executed a number of ways. Some examples of the methods in which you can carry out a survey are:

• Mail
• Telephone
• Online
• At home/office interview
• Focus groups

Why Online Surveys are the BEST type of survey Data Collection:

Customised Appearance
Not only can you easily customize, brand and add images to your survey online, you can also edit the questions and appearance of your survey even whilst in the middle of collecting responses.

High Response Rates
Respondents have the change to answer when they are available, increasing the chance that they will fill in your questionnaire. You also have a much greater scope to distribute your survey across the globe

Conducting surveys online is far cheaper in terms of stationary costs, delivery cost if sending my mail, wages if conducting face to face and phone costs if conducting over the phone. And you save on time as well and we all know that time is money!

Tailored Structure
One of the great things about online surveys is that you can customize them easily to co-inside with your individual respondent’s answers. You can set a path through your survey by using branching questions within your online survey.

Simple Distribution
Because there is no need for mailing your survey, no standing on the high street, no need to gather together a focus group and no need to call countless phone numbers over and over again, the distribution of online surveys is super simple. You can distribute to a wide, almost limitless, number of people via the internet.