If you do not want to create your online survey questionnaire on your own, we have a team of professional survey architects, designers and quantitative analysts who will understand your needs and deliver a professional online survey.

Our team will:

  • Schedule a session with you and your team to fully assess the scope and objectives for the survey or questionnaire.
  • Analyze your complete questionnaire (you can send it in Word, Excel, CSV or PDF file) and provide any improvements based on industry best practices gathered across of tens of thousands of clients and several industries. You are free to accept any, some or none of these suggestions.
  • Structure and design your survey for online distribution.
    This includes:

    • The reproduction of your questionnaire in our online survey tool
    • Use of ideal question types
    • Review of orthographic and methodological correctness
    • Customised questionnaire design
    • Pre-testing
    • Distribution of invitation emails as well as reminders
    • Provide insights in analyzing intermediate and final survey results

We can also do one of more of the following:

  • Confidential Employee Surveys. We can build and confidentially administer your staff surveys.
  • Custom Scripting. Customize Obsurvey’s features & behavior for you.
  • Full or Ongoing Campaigns. We can do any complex project. You just sit back and collect the data.
  • Expert Project Management. Our full service team can manage projects of any size to your timeframe and budget.
  • Customized Reporting. If your reports need full branding, question categorization and comparison, or anything else you can think of – we’ll take care of it.


Get immediate insights with Obsurvey Audiences!

Need answers but don’t have an audience to survey? Or perhaps you need a larger audience? No problem!

With Obsurvey Audiences get answers to your surveys within days.

Choose the number of responses you need and we will deliver all orders within 7 days max (often less for smaller orders).

The prices below are valid for surveys of 6 questions max. If you have a longer survey please contact us for a custom quote within a day.

500 responses – $477 ($0.89 per response)
1,000 responses – $797 ($0.80 per response)
5,000 responses – $2,997 ($0.60 per response)

Urgent projects can be delivered within a few hours.

Please email us your questionnaire as an electronic file and we will promptly send you a non-binding estimate. Contact us!

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Frequently Asked Qustions

1) Do you provide discount prices for Universities? 
Yes, we provide 25% discount on monthly Gold & Platinum plans and 50% discount on yearly Premium, Gold and Platinum plans. You can find more information about the plans here: http://temp.obsurvey.com/plans-pricing/#features_full

2) What type of demographics is provided about the respondents (ex: Gender, Marital Status, and Zip Code)?
For the basic survey plans we provide the survey tool but not the responses (i.e. the plans described here: http://temp.obsurvey.com/plans-pricing/#features_full).

If you would like us to provide with the respondents too we can do that and you can find more info here: http://temp.obsurvey.com/done-for-you-survey-services

All of our respondents are English speaking and we provide an incidence rate of at least 20%. This means that we provide free responses for screening of the population that meets your criteria to make at least 20%

The pricing is as follows:

500 responses- $477 ($0.89 per response)
1,000 responses – $797 ($0.80 per response)
5,000 responses – $2,997 ($0.60 per response)

3) If we purchase respondents answers, would there be a way to distinguish these from other non-purchased respondents?
Yes, we can run separate surveys

4) Can you download the response data into Excel?
Yes, we also support additional formats depending on the plan. For more details see the bottom of the table here: http://temp.obsurvey.com/plans-pricing

5) Can you import other survey polls into the software?
We support imports from most survey tools. Please provide us with the exact format and we will confirm this for you.