The ultimate key for the success of any business is knowing what the client needs and wants. Market research surveys are one of the best ways to find out this information from your customers and ensure that you retain and grow your customer base or your client’s customer base.

There are many ways to use market research surveys to maximize your and your client’s potential:

  • Customer Feedback. Whether it is a new or an existing product / service, customer feedback is crucial. If you or your client are looking at launching a new product conducting a potential customer feedback survey is key to knowing whether the product will succeed in its current state and/or further changes are needed. In a similar way, if you are re-launching an existing product surveying the existing client base will provide insights over what needs to be changed and/or improved. You can use one of our free customer feedback templates.
  • Social Media. Social media surveys are key to gathering feedback from the younger crowds as well as accessing a part of your audience that is typically not accessible through other media. You can share your survey on your own company or business social media pages, and also invite others to share your survey on theirs to widen the scope of your audience (viral sharing).
  • Market Research. A market research survey will allow you to access strategies and plans before you implement them in order to gauge the success rate of your future endeavors. Investigate your target audience, decipher their needs and find out where your customers are looking for improvements before you spend a single dime! Find out who the customers are to make sure that they get what they need, sometimes before they know they need it! Where do they live, how old are they, what is their income and what are their interests? Know the audience so that you can ensure that you or your client provide and offer relevant and desired services and products to the right people. You can also segment your customers so that you can promote particular services and products to different audiences to maximize sales and minimize advertising costs. See one of our free market research templates, product market research template or service market research template.
  • Brand Awareness. Is your business being ignored, do people recognize the brand and know what it does or stands for? Have they seen its logo anywhere? How does it measure up against the competition? Not only can you discover this information from your market research surveys, but with Obsurvey’s customizable surveys you can also brand your survey to further promote your brand AND gather feedback from clients at the same time!

The reason that online marketing surveys and questionnaires are so vital to any business is that the more you know your clients (or your client’s business) the more you (and your client) can grow.

Here are 5 top tips to get your started:

  1. Define your target audience/market
  2. Set the goal/s you want to achieve with your survey
  3. Use an Obsurvey market survey template or create a survey from scratch
  4. Keep your survey short and sweet
  5. Tell people why you used their answers to make changes and how they stand to benefit from it

Get started with your market research surveys right away with one of Obsurvey’s free questionnaire survey templates and get the important answers you need today!