What Do Your Clients Think?

It is more important than ever nowadays to find out what your customer or clients think. Want to grow your Twitter or Facebook followers? In today’s increasingly online competitive marketplace it’s key to know what your clients think about your products and how they feel about your services. To ensure a successful business, it is imperative to get to know your customers.

You can increase your profit margins, improve customer service, generate positive reputation and grow a strong and loyal customer base using customer surveys and net promoter score surveys Obsurvey is a a must-have tool when it comes to making the best business decisions when it comes to increasing sales, revenues and profits.

Use Templates To Create Your Own Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Why Customer Surveys?

Customer surveys help you to find out more about your consumers. What they like, what they dislike and where they would like to see change or improvement. This can cover all areas of your business from services, products, communication, location, prices, support and competition. You might even send out a survey to figure out why customers stop doing business with you, how you might conquer them back, and how you can prevent this from happening in the future.

How To Get Started

First you need to decide what your targets are for your survey. As client feedback surveys can be used for many reasons, you need to focus on what it is you are trying to find out in particular with your questionnaire.

Here are some reasons to conduct customer surveys:

  • Product/service performance. Measure employee performance and well as your service / product performance.
  • Product feedback. Discover what improvements or alterations you can make on your service / product based on consumer opinions.
  • Market research. Get to know your audience and find out about audience demographics (location, gender, age, income, interests, etc)
  • Product development. Discover what your market is looking for before you create it. If you want to take an existing service or product to the next level, discover what your customer would want so you can give it to them.
  • Customer loyalty. Use surveys to maintain interest and loyalty to your brand by making the customer feel like their opinion matters and by acting upon their suggestions.


“Hacks” for Creating Winning Customer Surveys

1. Be clear, concise and, most importantly, relevant. If you have a question which appears to be rather complicated or perhaps needs a lot of explaining, try split it into more than one questions to simplify it for the respondent. The easier the question is to understand, the more accurate and truthful the answers you receive will be.

2. Give clients benefit(s). Tell them what they would gain by answering your customer feedback survey. Better products? Early-bird access to a new product line? Special discounts?

3. Act on your responses. There is nothing worse than for you to ignore your customers if they are trying to tell you how to improve.

Need shortcuts?

Use our free Net Promoter Score survey template or  our industry-specific templates such as our hotel feedback template.

Get started with your customer surveys right away with Obsurvey’s templates and get the important answers you need today!