Did you know that you can use Friendly links to distribute ALL your surveys with Obsurvey?

What are Friendly links, you ask? It is the thing that changes a link that looks like this…


…and makes it look like this:


Much more appealing, right?

Here are the 4 super easy steps to set up your Friendly links

Step 1: Go to your survey and click on Settings

You can still get your long link here OR you can get a fancy new Friendly link

Step 2: Click on the tick box next to Set Friendly URL Name

Step 3: Enter the name you would like to use in your link

Step 4: Then click on Apply

You will see your friendly link name appear in the link cell below.

This is the link that you can then send out to your audience.

3 Benefits of using friendly links:

• Shorter Links / Fewer Characters
• Personalized Links
• Easier To Remember