Video Transcription

Hi and welcome to Obsurvey.

I’m going to show you how to create a survey in no time.
Simply enter a survey title and enter create survey.
Now you’re going to insert some questions into your survey.
This is the question choice box with the different types of questions.
This is multiple choice (select one) and as you hover over the different types of questions you can see examples of them.

As i said i am going to select this first one.

“Do you own a cell phone?”
So to add some choices i am just going to click enter.

“Yes”, enter
“No”, enter

Now i want a second question. I want it down here below, so i click here and i’m going to do another multiple choice select one.

“What brand is your cell phone?”

or Android

and just click the arrow up to edit that.

Now, I want the user to be able to type a 3rd choice, to be able to type their cell phone brand.
To do that I simply click more options down here and there is this “type other” choice tickbox, i click that and now there is the text “other please specify” and there is a textbox “other – please specify” for the user to enter their own brand.

The last thing i want to do is only show this question (what brand is your cell phone) if the user answers yes to “do you own a cell phone?” because this question only makes sense if you have a cell phone.
To do that i click only show when condition.
So only show question when the question do you own a cell phone is answered with yes.

Ok, so now this question will only be shown if the user answers yes to do you own a cell phone.
To begin collecting responses from your respondents simply click collect responses and you’re all set!

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