Have you been manually taking your data from your Obsurvey account and importing it into your other web service accounts?  Until recently, you could only transfer your data this way; by manually exporting your results from Obsurvey, reformatting the information, then import the data into your other service.

Now that Obsurvey have integrated with Zapier you no longer have to manually transfer your data between your Obsurvey account and other web services – saving your you both time and money in the process!

See what you can do with Obsurvey and Zapier here!

Zapier sort of acts like a middle man between Obsurvey and other services, such as Google Apps. The actions that take place to make these connections are referred to as Zaps. A Zap acts as a “trigger and action”  where you tell Zapier “if this happens in Obsurvey, I want this to happen in this other service”

To see a full list of available Zaps, click here.

Set up connections in 4 easy steps

  1. Sign  up for a free Zapier account (click here)
  2. Choose the Zap you want to set up in Zapier (e.g., Obsurvey + Google Docs).
  3. Enter your account information for Obsurvey and the other service.
  4. Tell Zapier what trigger will cause what action. For example, when someone fills in a survey (trigger), you want an email to be sent to your Gmail account (action).

Once your Zap is set up, Zapier will regularly check your Obsurvey account for any new responses that come in and then update the data in your other service according to your action set.

Save time and resources! You don’t need to be or hire a developer to set up your own Zaps. It is quick and easy to set them up yourself and saves you an unlimited amount of time by automating previous manual tasks.

Get a FREE Zapier account here and start automating your tasks today!